Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have been really busy at work going around different locations the past days to touch base with teams from different branches. I prefer to go home than go somewhere else, even the gym, so I can rest and spend time with my daughter. I'm still adjusting to the new role I have, the work load and the new organization I am in. I'll be back to my regular gym program. Give me one more week.

I was able to finally go to the gym tonight. It was a pretty good workout. I skipped body combat and did my own exercises instead. I did my mat exercises, the stair stepper and free weights. I feel so recharged!

I was a bit worried I might have increased a pound because I have not been to the gym for three days. Add to that I have dipped into Cheez Curls and Pringles for the past two nights. Maybe you can call me paranoid.

I weighed in tonight before I started my exercise. I am very satisfied with the results! My BMI is still within the healthy range at 22. My fat mass is already at 27.2%! I am now only .2% away from my desired fat mass and 5 pounds away from my desired total weight.

I want to believe two things, aside from my regular exercises the past months, helped me be consistent in maintaining my weight management program even if I have missed the gym for a few days. I'm not saying that one will earn excess pounds instantly with a few days of absence in the gym. I just have to say this for my own assessment.

1. I manage what I eat even if I am frequently out of office recently. I still bring bananas or oat cookies and wheat crackers. I eat pasta, no white rice outside the home. At home, my rice intake, if any, is still limited to 4 spoons, max. I drink lots of water.

2. I WALK! I used to hate walking but there is never a time than now that I appreciate walking. I commute going home and I look forward to long walks from the mall to the MRT heels. From my drop-off station in the MRT to my second ride, I still walk.

I get the confidence that even if I have not gone to the gym, all the walking I do during branch visits and going home are good substitutes for my usual exercise. The results when I weighed in prove it I believe.

There's one thing that I need to discipline myself...sleeping early, at least 10PM. It's almost 12 midnight and I'm still up. I need to wake up at 4AM because I'll be attending our church worship service. Work will take up my time for the rest of the day so I need and want to give the first few hours to my spiritual needs. Sleeping now.

Anyway, take a nice, long walk whenever you could. It's really beneficial. :)

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