Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reaping the Benefits of Exercising and Proper Dieting

I feel so guilty not being able to attend my gym sessions for more than a week. I have been so busy and even if I have a window when I can sneak an hour or so to the gym, I choose to just go straight home, enjoy time with my daughter, rest and then sleep. It's not that I am tired but since it's really been hectic, I want to use whatever time after work with my family rather than going somewhere else.

Today I resolved to work out and I did! I feel so good! Ha! Great feeling. I missed the gym.

But you know what? Even if I have been absent from the gym for a few days, I still feel energetic. I mean I noticed I don't tire easily considering the amount of work I have. I am reaping the benefits of exercising and dieting.

1. I don't pant even if I have to use the stairs three flights up.
2. I walk fast.
3. I actually don't feel physical tiredness that easily.
4. I don't get coughs and colds easily unlike my pre-exercise timeline.

It pays also to still be physically active even if it's not in the gym, maintaining diet no matter what, being focused on one's goal or keeping what you have already achieved in terms of weight management.

If I must say also, I believe I need to level up with my exercise routines as they are easy for me now to do. I don't feel stretched even with a week's absence from the gym. I will increase my load and the reps next week when I get back to the gym.

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