Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gym Etiquettes

I appreciate the badge you see on the left side of this post. :) Now on to other news.....

I generally do not mind about other people's quirks and attitudes. I normally go with the saying "to each his own". I am not in the habit of talking about people except when you're a super celebrity.

But I love to watch people. On rare times they affect me, a lot of times not really. But I do notice some people need to practice some etiquette especially at the gym. Just common courtesy and sensitivity to your gym mates will be highly appreciated.

1. Please follow the rules. If the gym management posted an advisory not to leave your toiletries and change clothes at the shower room, then don't. Please let others use the shower first. Moderate your greed. Haha.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Emotional and Mental Benefits of Exercise To Me

I headed to the gym right after office. I psyched myself up since last night that I will finish my work on time today so I can leave on time. I also told myself whatever happens I will attend my gym session tonight.

And so I did. I am really happy about it. I am maximizing my time. I don't want to stay long at the gym since I need to balance my work, personal time and my mommy duties. I did the stair stepper. I joined body combat for 30 great minutes and proceeded to do weights. I feel so refreshed after an hour of working out.

There's some new task I needed to do at the office which I do not welcome. But suddenly it came to me that I should instead welcome the challenge and treat this as another great experience which will be beneficial for me. It's an added knowledge after all. Something I can use in my next career plans.

Why am I talking about that? I am just trying to correlate the sudden clarity of thought with working out.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reaping the Benefits of Exercising and Proper Dieting

I feel so guilty not being able to attend my gym sessions for more than a week. I have been so busy and even if I have a window when I can sneak an hour or so to the gym, I choose to just go straight home, enjoy time with my daughter, rest and then sleep. It's not that I am tired but since it's really been hectic, I want to use whatever time after work with my family rather than going somewhere else.

Today I resolved to work out and I did! I feel so good! Ha! Great feeling. I missed the gym.

But you know what? Even if I have been absent from the gym for a few days, I still feel energetic. I mean I noticed I don't tire easily considering the amount of work I have. I am reaping the benefits of exercising and dieting.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have been really busy at work going around different locations the past days to touch base with teams from different branches. I prefer to go home than go somewhere else, even the gym, so I can rest and spend time with my daughter. I'm still adjusting to the new role I have, the work load and the new organization I am in. I'll be back to my regular gym program. Give me one more week.

I was able to finally go to the gym tonight. It was a pretty good workout. I skipped body combat and did my own exercises instead. I did my mat exercises, the stair stepper and free weights. I feel so recharged!

I was a bit worried I might have increased a pound because I have not been to the gym for three days. Add to that I have dipped into Cheez Curls and Pringles for the past two nights. Maybe you can call me paranoid.

I weighed in tonight before I started my exercise. I am very satisfied with the results! My BMI is still within the healthy range at 22. My fat mass is already at 27.2%! I am now only .2% away from my desired fat mass and 5 pounds away from my desired total weight.
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