Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting Back on Track

I went to the gym yesterday, a Saturday.  I took the opportunity of a few hours at the gym because my daughter has a tutorial class at school for two hours. And the great thing is she also wanted to go to the gym after.

I did my core exercises in the morning because I know my time at the gym after lunch won't be all mine as I will be assisting my daughter with her very first visit at the gym.  :)  I'll be talking about her gym experience in my other blog, Life Bliss.  

What I wanted to share here is how I appreciate one of the trainees at the gym.  He's new and I am guessing he is a trainee.  I am also thinking Fitness First has a new program which is more customer or client friendly.  I don't know if this is only a local (meaning just in the Philippines) customer program or it applies to FF world wide.  The shirt of the new PTs have a print which goes like they can answer questions if there's anything we (clients) need to ask. I forgot the actual print.  I'll check tomorrow.

Anyway, one trainee observed what I did using the triceps pulley.  He said I was doing it wrong. The load is too heavy for me.  I set my load at 12 kilos.  The PT said my back gives all the unnecessary push.  He asked me what I am working on.  I said I want to build upper arm muscles.  

I want toned arms and body. I need to do my exercises properly. 
He taught me the proper way to tone my arms.  

He set the load at 5 kilos.  He made me do 24 reps, 5 sets. Oh boy, yes, I felt the muscles really working.  He taught me the proper way of doing it - upper arms on my side, forearms moving up to chest level and bringing them down straight.  

Thank you. He said I'm free to ask. Oh, yes, I will. :)

Here's what I did yesterday using the triceps pulley. 

I want toned arms.

24 reps, 5 sets, triceps push down

I can't wait to reach my desired weight of 112 lb with fats and muscles in all the right places.  But patience and discipline are important ingredients in reaching my desired weight.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Better Now, Aiming for the BEST Though

I weighed in last October 10 and I was really happy because I lost 1.2 kilos or 2.6 lb. Really happy. :) Fat mass, fat %, BMI, metabolic age all improved. :)

Today is October 16, a week from the last time I weighed in. I will weigh myself again on October 19, Friday. I want to lose another 2 lb. I am doing good in my exercises but I cannot say the same thing with my food intake.

Oh yes, I have to say I have managed to lessen my chips and rice. But I still eat before sleeping. This is wrong. But I am encouraged to do my best. If I was able to discipline myself then, I have no reason why I cannot do the same thing now.

Eye on the prize, 112 lb.
By end of October, I should be weighing 129 lb.
By end of November, I should be weighing 121 lb.
By end of December, I should be weighing 112 lb. 

2013 is maintenance for my 112 lb. :))) Excited again! :)

DISCIPLINE. Now I have to manage my daily menu.

----- Exercises I did today:
1 hour of Body Combat
1 hour of Body Balance
1 hour of Core Exercises

What I ate so far:
1/2 cup of steel-cut oats with banana and brown sugar from Jamba Juice.
1 small pouch of Avocado chips, bbq flavor from Healthy Options.
palabok from Red Ribbon
2 cups of coffee
lots of water
1/2 cup white rice s
tir fried beef
small chicken empanada

I know that's a lot already. But believe me, that's more managed compared to the previous weeks. But I know I have to do better. And I will. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eyes on the Prize

Seriously now, I'm going back to strict food management.  I gained weight.  I am now at 135 lb or 61 kilos.  My goal is 112 lb or 50 kilos. Yes, I have to convert that, haha. I'm used in in lb as my unit of measure but my gym uses kilos.

Anyway, I'm watching what I am eating.

I am proud to say I did not have bad carbs yesterday, well not so much.   I did not have all good foods yesterday but it was better than the previous days.

- banana
- four seasons tea

After 4 hours, around 10:30 AM:
 - 2 pcs of pancakes with butter
 - coffee with cream, white sugar
 - 1 pc, 2 inches papaya
 - 2 small sausages

Afternoon snack:
 - popcorn cheese flavor

 - Banana
 - 3 pcs KFC fries
 - 1 pc KFC fun shots
 - 2 pcs toasted wheat bread with butter
 - 1 cup of coffee
 - fit and right, 1 small bottle

They aren't as healthy as I want them to be but a lot, lot better.

Pat on the back for me for not being tempted to eat:
 - leche flan which the hubs bought
 - cake
 - rice and adobo

I had a pretty great workout too yesterday:
 - Strength - weights
 - Core 
 - Cardio - treadmill, Body Combat
 - Body Balance

This morning though I had:

- half a cup of white rice
- 3 pcs chicken leg, adobo
- 1 cup of coffee
It's a whole day, I can do this. I will discipline myself again in eating. :) 

*Eye on the prize - 112 lb! 

Oh yes, it's lb and not lbs. :)))

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