Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Better Now, Aiming for the BEST Though

I weighed in last October 10 and I was really happy because I lost 1.2 kilos or 2.6 lb. Really happy. :) Fat mass, fat %, BMI, metabolic age all improved. :)

Today is October 16, a week from the last time I weighed in. I will weigh myself again on October 19, Friday. I want to lose another 2 lb. I am doing good in my exercises but I cannot say the same thing with my food intake.

Oh yes, I have to say I have managed to lessen my chips and rice. But I still eat before sleeping. This is wrong. But I am encouraged to do my best. If I was able to discipline myself then, I have no reason why I cannot do the same thing now.

Eye on the prize, 112 lb.
By end of October, I should be weighing 129 lb.
By end of November, I should be weighing 121 lb.
By end of December, I should be weighing 112 lb. 

2013 is maintenance for my 112 lb. :))) Excited again! :)

DISCIPLINE. Now I have to manage my daily menu.

----- Exercises I did today:
1 hour of Body Combat
1 hour of Body Balance
1 hour of Core Exercises

What I ate so far:
1/2 cup of steel-cut oats with banana and brown sugar from Jamba Juice.
1 small pouch of Avocado chips, bbq flavor from Healthy Options.
palabok from Red Ribbon
2 cups of coffee
lots of water
1/2 cup white rice s
tir fried beef
small chicken empanada

I know that's a lot already. But believe me, that's more managed compared to the previous weeks. But I know I have to do better. And I will. :)

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