Saturday, March 24, 2012

Abdominal Exercises at Home

Since I might not be able to go to the gym five times a week this summer because of a lot of activities lined up, I deemed it necessary to exercise at home just like I used to. I can do some abdominal exercises or other workouts at home which do not need equipment. I browsed YouTube for some relevant exercises I can do.

I fought off laziness late this afternoon to do some of these. It was raining hard and we know that if it's raining it's just great to sleep, lie down, watch television and eat. I am thankful that I conquered all these. Maybe because I had the momentum. I was able to do the things I set out to do today. I can't put off exercising.

Airbike: I have been doing this for quite some time. I stopped to avoid muscle building complacency. I'm doing it again after several months of doing other crunch workouts. It's not that easy for me but I challenge myself into doing at least 3 sets of this, 40 reps.

Alternate Heel Touches: I learned of this exercise from one of the trainers in the gym during a free coaching session. Again, I haven't done this in ages. I checked the link on exercises for love handles and this is what I got. I did this too and will continue to do so for a month.

Buttups: I started to do planks again but this afternoon was the first time I did this with buttups.

Lower Abdominal Workout: This is the first time I did this which is why my back is kind of stretched right now. It's also good for balance. I like the effect on my abdominal and my thighs while I was doing this. I felt the firmness of the muscles.

I'll be doing more starting tomorrow. I really feel good exercising.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Working it Out

So what is happening. Let me get all these out of the way. Forget about the 29-Day Challenge I have posted on December last year. I am still pounds away from my desired 112 lbs. I have been eating cakes, chips, too much carbo, cakes, chips and cakes. I gained weight. I'm still in my ideal range but at the maximum end. I don't like that.

My clothes still fit me well, no worries, and thank you, really. BUT I have developed belly fat. Before it gets obvious and before it becomes a muffin top, I have to do something drastic about it NOW. Oh yes, I have to get rid of them. I want my flat mid-section back.

EAT RIGHT. Going cold turkey again getting rid of foods which my body does not need anyway.
1. No cakes.
2. No chips.
3. No chocolates. (Sorry Magnum, I will pass until I have seen improvements in my weight.)
4. Rice at least 2x a week and that's only brown rice, half a cup at the maximum. Only for lunch.
5. Strictly back to fruits, protein, vegetables, high-fiber foods, low-fat milk - in moderation.

EXERCISE PROPERLY. I have been going to the gym regularly, no question about that. I have not really been absent for a long time. The most is 3 days straight when I have my period. I exercise 5 days a week on the average. This summer I will be spending a little less time at the gym because of a lot of work to attend to - around 3-4x a week and that is with so much effort. I will see to it though that it will not go down to 3x a week. And the exercises will be intense.

But then, yes, I will exercise even at home like I did before when I was losing weight. That was around middle of 2010. Problem solved.

1. I will find time to run, as in run in an open field and not in the treadmill.
2. Challenge myself more in my strength exercises.
3. Exercise at home diligently.
4. Find new exercises every two months that will help me tone my muscles.

I spent less time exercising on my own since the start of the year. For a change I joined group exercises. I attended Mind and Body sessions like Body Balance, Gentle Flow (which is not gentle at all) and Dynamic Flow. These are combinations of yoga, pilates, taichi and what have you. It's great for the core and I'm loving the challenge. I haven't attended these classes for a long time.

I also joined Les Mills exercises. I've been a regular participant of Body Combat and Body Pump. I took a break from my own strength and core exercises. I think this has slowed me down. It's just a theory but I was able to build more muscles and I was leaner when I was doing my own exercises. I guess it's because I am more focused with what I want to work out in my body.

I have gotten tired of doing group exercises that for like two weeks now I am doing more of weights and core exercises on my own. I can feel the real difference in the sense that I feel that the focused exercises I do give me better results. I will continue to do this as part of my effort to reach 112 lbs.

These are the latest exercises I did. Man, I thought they were easy. Not! But I am trying my best. I have to start somewhere. But tell you what, I enjoy the challenges these sets let me experience.

Single Leg Squat Reverse Fly with Ball
I had a hard time balancing my leg on the ball. But I got the trick finally. I have to slowly slide my leg until top of my foot rests on the ball. I still have to manage my balancing act with a 5-lb dumbbells my hands are holding.

Ball push-up
I was laughing at myself as I tried to kneel on the ball. Several times I almost fell. I had to stabilize the ball by letting my feet touch the wall so that I can better balance myself as I settle my thighs on top of the ball. I love this workout! My arms are having a hard time but I love the challenge.

These are just two new workouts I do. I started yesterday. Here's the link for more of the workouts I do - Drop an Entire Dress Size with This Speedy Strength Workout and Workout Moves for a Gorgeous Body.

Lastly, for all these efforts to work...DISCIPLINE. Amen.

Oh, yes, Day 1 of my vow for EATING RIGHT AND PROPER EXERCISE starts tomorrow. I already bought me frutis! I will chronicle here, yes, in my face, I have to see my progress. I want to do this so bad! Hello toned muscles!
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