Thursday, October 3, 2013

Welcome Back to Me!

Oh welcome back to me. Haha.

Anyway, after nearly three weeks of being absent from the gym and doing only brisk walking exercises for almost a week now, I'm back to doing workouts.  I started at home. It feels good to shape up! THERE SHOULD ALWAYS BE TIME TO DO SOME EXERCISES.  

No time to drop by the gym? Exercise at home.
Schedule too hectic?  Sleep early, wake up earlier than usual. At least do a 20 minute high intensity workout after freshening up. Or you can do it before you sleep after a few minutes of rest. 

Exercising boosts my energy. It motivates me in all aspects of my life. I feel refreshed after every workout. It just makes me feel good.

Not a day  (excluding my one day rest) will pass by without working out no matter how busy my life is. Exercising is already a part of who I am.  :)))

Exercise should be treated like breathing.  It is essential. It should be second nature a part of our system, ingrained in us. The feeling is just awesome when you know you have done something good for your body, for yourself. 

I followed this 30 minute cardio workout this morning.  It's great! I love it! The instructions are straightforward and the steps are easy to follow. Crystal clear. I'll be doing this for the next couple of days.  

I have to admit it's quite hard to get back on track if you have stopped working out for a while. And I'm only talking about nearly 3 weeks here and to think that I've been doing a lot of walking to compensate for the a absence at the gym and the laziness to pump it when at home. 

I see it from other people who used to work out and stopped. It's really hard to go back and start all over again, and finally throwing the towel and just stop. Why? Because the progress to reach their goals is too minimal to notice. And they keep on back sliding and they keep on telling themselves they'll definitely start the next day. And the next day they make the same promise. Until they stop and just accept it's alright. They are alright. 

Well whatever floats your boat.  But a progress is a progress no matter how minimal. You have to challenge yourself if you want big changes.  Remember though a process is step by step.  It's not magic. I keep telling that to myself.

That's why "no time" is not an excuse for me. I won't quit. I will not give up.  I will do my best. 

Isn't that right! :) 

*I got the image above from Google and it says there in the picture, MotiveWeight. I guess it originated from that website. Giving credit. :) 

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