Friday, August 20, 2010


Here is what I had for lunch yesterday - spinach fettuccine with garlic shrimp. The pasta is leftover from the other day's dinner as well as the shrimp. My husband did not take his supper at home and my daughter opted to just have the shrimp with the rice hence a bit of an excess.

I cannot just let them get wasted so I thought of making myself another pasta dish. Minced a few cloves of garlic, dumped them all in extra virgin olive oil - smells good when sizzling - and then threw in the shrimps (which I shelled first) - smells even better. Toss them all in the pasta. I have saved money, avoided feeling guilty by throwing food and have eaten healthy (which is actually my goal everyday but I fail at times).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Household Chores and Calories

I am in the last leg of my cooking as I post this. I am cooking our food for tomorrow! Yes, I still have the energy after a very tiring day. I usually do this so that my daughter will have lunch that is prepared from home and not cafeteria food. She can bring it in the morning as she goes to school.

One of the benefits I am experiencing from my regular exercise is the high energy level I have even after a full day. I also dropped by the gym and attended a body pump class plus a few minutes of treadmill. In the same way I do not get lazy anymore doing some household chores.

Honestly, I have never "loved" household chores as I do the past months. Number one, it makes me feel like I am literally running the house the way I like it. It makes me feel more of a mother of the house. No arguments there, that is how I feel if I do some household chores. I make quality time for lost time inside the house. I am a checklist nut too. I love writing off my to-do-list and that includes what I need and want to do inside the house.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting More Flexible

I was a bit tired yesterday but I still proceeded to the gym. I had second thoughts of attending Body Balance since the room seemed full already. Also, I wanted a high-impact exercise since I want to burn more calories. But I joined because I was telling myself I need to relax.

I am so glad I did. Number one, it did relax me. I love the stretching really more than anything. I love the flexibility Body Balance teaches me. I also feel good and proud of myself that I was able to do the bow pose.

I cannot do this pose when I was starting to join Dynamic Flow and Body Balance classes. I attribute my flexibility to consistent exercises and the fact that I lose weight considerably hence not much fats anymore which allows me now from moving smoothly.
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