Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting More Flexible

I was a bit tired yesterday but I still proceeded to the gym. I had second thoughts of attending Body Balance since the room seemed full already. Also, I wanted a high-impact exercise since I want to burn more calories. But I joined because I was telling myself I need to relax.

I am so glad I did. Number one, it did relax me. I love the stretching really more than anything. I love the flexibility Body Balance teaches me. I also feel good and proud of myself that I was able to do the bow pose.

I cannot do this pose when I was starting to join Dynamic Flow and Body Balance classes. I attribute my flexibility to consistent exercises and the fact that I lose weight considerably hence not much fats anymore which allows me now from moving smoothly.

I intend to take a break from resistance training if I am able to do them for two consecutive days. I will attend either Dynamic Flow or Body Balance. I get so relaxed after. I hope there will be a Pilates class in my gym. They have belly dancing, why not Pilates?

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