Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This Time It's for Real - Getting Back in Shape

It's been over a year from my last post here. 

I gained weight but I am going back to my healthy lifestyle. 

It will take so a lot of effort, a whole lot of effort compared to how it was before. My hands were full then but my plate is overflowing for over a year that I set aside my work-outs and consciously eating healthy foods. 

But I am back!

I started yesterday and it was good. 
2nd day today. Everything was going fine except that I let myself get tempted by pork chops. Dang!
Set backs won't stop me. I'll go back up again. 


But I am happy to be back on track really. :) 

So help me, God. 6 months and 1 week - weight goal achieve! 

I can do this again!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Starting November Right :)

I said this in my Facebook status, in a nutshell: I am working out on the first day. I welcome November. 

I just feel so motivated about everything. Thankful for that, dear God.

I did my cardio workout today at home. It's great that I clicked on a workout without jumping. Let me start well and just go on. I had a difficult time with the "plant with ankle tap" so I just did three 30-second plank. I love planks, well, the stationary plank, that is.:) 

Happy healthy and fit weekend! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Let's Dance!

I thought of doing zumba today to perk me up. I found this 10-minute dance workout in YouTube. Suits me. Easy to follow. It served as my warm-up. I hope will wear that mid rib and body hugging pants again. I will give myself three months to burn my belly fat. Haha!

Back to my core exercises. I added some core exercises not in here...just because. Once I start, the adrenalin rush makes me do more. What I find hard in this set of exercise is the "face-up pilates". Oh boy, I struggled. What seems too easy actually is not...not hard but I needed to it slowly because I feel like my thigh muscles are getting strained but I did the whole 45 seconds. I'm talking about the "toe-tap pilates". 

It was a total of 45 minutes of dance and core exercises today. Progressing! :) 

Now, it's time for mommy duties. I took a one-day leave from work because I have to attend to my daughter's school activities. Thank You, God, for giving way to let me do the things I need and want to do. 

Looking forward to a great day with my daughter! :) 

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I am more prepared today in my workout though I woke up a little later than I did yesterday. That means I cannot spend more than 20 minutes in my exercise because I have to prepare to work. Gotta earn a living, you know. And then Mom and Pop called. Of course I needed to stop and talk to my ever loving and generous parents. 

But one thing I do a little bragging about today is that PLANK is still my favorite. I haven't done this for months that I thought the 30 second plank will give me a hard time. But no, I did more than that. Smiley, smiley!  :)))

Plank is still my favorite. That routine really did me well. My core got firm and flabs went away. I will make them go away again. :)))

Some negative thoughts creeping on my mind when I woke up but see, I am quite hyper now. Thanks to my workout!  And the parents' call. :)))

I chose another cardio video for today which I feel better doing. Will repeat tomorrow. :) 

Happy thoughts,happy thoughts!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Back to Regular Workout

I am doing this at home. I have not been to the gym for the rest of the months because my work load has doubled. I just want to use my free time for my family, most especially my daughter, my church duties, and be with friends whenever our schedule permits.

But "no time"is not an excuse not to workout. I gained several pounds because of all the product tests I did the past months. Yes, that includes food quality check. My only exercise is walking. I purposely walk because I have to do myself a favor and at least do some cardio.

But that is not enough because I eat a lot at night. It was my stress reliever and after a day full or work,I just want to eat home-cooked food.

I'm carrying now several pounds of that carelessness. I do not want to be overweight again. Never. So even before my BMI registers I am obese, I am doing something about it.

I started my cardio exercises today. Boy, this was damn easy for me before. But I only finished like 18 minutes of this with a minute of rest for every jump exercises. 

That's alright. I will not punish myself for it. I have to start again. I did it before, I can do it better. 

I did not do it right. I slept late, straight from bed I freshened up, did cardio exercises without having light breakfast. Ergo, not enough energy. I'll do it right tomorrow. 

But I'm happy I am motivated again to do my regular workout. I will master you tomorrow.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Getting Back in Shape

I've been really busy with work the past months that I hardly have time to do anything else. Things were really stressful the past months but I'm getting hold of myself now. Between mommy duties and my workload, I barely have time to do my workout.  

Where's the woman who keeps on saying "make time to the things that add value to your life". I'm here. And I am making time now. 



Thursday, January 23, 2014

Getting Back on Track, 2014!

Alright, I hate to admit it but this morning was my first real workout. Sure I do walking a lot but I have not stepped into my gym yet since the start of the year. I need to make time for my regular exercise sessions. But yes, I resolved not to be limited by my schedule. I need to make time.  No more excuses.

My choice really is doing my exercises early in the morning even if that means waking up an hour or two earlier. So be it. Exercising in the morning prepares me for the day ahead. Good vibes!

I followed this cardiovascular exercise at home this morning. It was all good! I love it! I want to say this will get me back on track. 

I spent about 40 minutes including the long rest/water break interval. I love this workout. I am going to do this every morning for maybe about a week before I go back to hardcore cardio and strength exercises. This video has very clear instructions including the countdown as well as the moves. 

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