Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This Time It's for Real - Getting Back in Shape

It's been over a year from my last post here. 

I gained weight but I am going back to my healthy lifestyle. 

It will take so a lot of effort, a whole lot of effort compared to how it was before. My hands were full then but my plate is overflowing for over a year that I set aside my work-outs and consciously eating healthy foods. 

But I am back!

I started yesterday and it was good. 
2nd day today. Everything was going fine except that I let myself get tempted by pork chops. Dang!
Set backs won't stop me. I'll go back up again. 


But I am happy to be back on track really. :) 

So help me, God. 6 months and 1 week - weight goal achieve! 

I can do this again!

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