Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quick But Quality Workout

I went to the gym yesterday but I had to make it quick because I needed to be home as soon as possible. I just feel good because it was a great workout. I therefore conclude it is not really the length of time one stays at the gym and do the exercises. It's more on the quality.

I think it's also on the momentum. I did not rest much in between different workouts. I found this is better for my endurance as well as maintaining my heart rate. I burn more calories if I limit rests in between sets for like 10 to 20 seconds.

I had core exercises and weights. I did not do much cardio vascular exercises as my activities after the gym can replace them. I just needed to stretch, do weights and do my core. I feel the firmness of muscles in my mid-section. I love it!

Now an update on my 112 lbs goal. I am 17 lbs away from my goal. My weight is not moving because my diet is a seesaw. Geez I need to be more DISCIPLINED. That's all I can say for now. I'M WORKING ON IT. Promise. I need to lose 8 lbs for the month of April. 121 lbs for April. I CAN DO THIS AGAIN!
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