Monday, August 5, 2013

Lower Abs Exercises

I just have to save this video tutorial here. I will be incorporating this in my daily exercises. 

Don't be fooled. Some look easy but when I start doing them, they prove to be challenging. Or maybe it's just me. But I will do all of these. :) 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Getting Back On Track

I did a back to back to back workout today. 30 minutes of Hardcore, an hour of Body Pump, an hour of Body Combat.  It's so great! Hard, yes, but worth it. 

It's true though that a few hours spent at the gym will be put to waste if the rest of the day you do things not which will hinder you in achieving your fitness goals. Eating for one. I am struggling on this again. I'm getting back on track though. I started today, August 1.  

My food management today may not be perfect because of the white rice and pork tocino with scrambled egg I just consumed at this time of the night.  BUT looking at the bright side, I did not over eat the whole day.  The past months since summer saw me over eat with lesser workout. 

Day by day, I'll bet back on track. 
I'll stick to my food list.  

I want to be lean and mean again. I gained weight but I'm still in the ideal weight range for my age and height. But the stats I want to achieve are quite far from where I am now. I need to work on this again. 
If I was able to do it then, I can do it again now. Nothing can stop me, not even the busy schedule.

October 2013. I'll be at my desired body stats - total weight, muscles at the right places, lean and mean.

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