Friday, August 8, 2008

Of Leg Warmer and Head Band

We finally had our first day at the fitness center this morning. My husband and I enrolled in a gym a week or so ago. We just have to manage both our schedules so we can have at least the first week to go to the gym together.

My husband goes to the gym but he stopped late last year for various reasons, time being number one. He gained a considerable amount of weight for the last six months that even tying his shoelace proved to be a frustration at times. That belly is one big block. I, on the other hand, was encouraged to go the gym when I lost some weight because of my oral rehabilitation (adult braces in other words). It seems though I am gaining back those unwanted pounds for the last months.

Using the body composition analyzer, our body mass index, fat percentage, fat mass, etcetera were measured. I will not go into details but it's enough to say that we are overweight, especially yours truly. I need to burn a lot of my body fat to attain the desired weight for my age and height.
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