Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I heard of Zumba months ago (but reading about it, it actually started early 2000). It was (and I guess still is) popular among people who love to exercise through dancing. I was not to keen on this one. I don't know. I did join retro dancing group in my gym when I was just starting with my workout at the gym. I was heavy then at 165 pounds thereabouts. I cannot do much exercises back then. Or maybe more like I do not want to. I was a gym newbie.

So anyway when I finally decided that I need and want to lose weight I am going to be strict with my diet and will try different workouts my body just need to lose fat and develop muscles. It worked for me. I explored weights and high intensity cardiovascular exercises like body pump an body combat. I enjoyed them immensely.

When I got leaner and leaner I became more daring with my exercises. I had the courage to do increase weights. I checked the internet for more workouts which can steadily tone my muscles.

In other words I forgot all about dancing. That's not anymore what my body needs. I may sound mean but when I take a look at Latin dancing group exercise now as well as retro, I see heavier women as well as older people. Wait, I do not discriminate. I was just thinking I have passed that stage in my gym life. I need more resistance training, more toning exercises.

As in any other new "in" thing, a lot of people were talking about Zumba when the world discovered it. As I have said, I was not interested. I need muscles. And I don't think I can get it from dancing.

BUT I have to admit though that I was curious to try it when my gym finally (as in after 48 years) launched it two weeks ago. I want to try and see how it will fit me.

I had a chance to try Zumba yesterday afternoon. The room was full to the brim! At the start I was telling myself "oh no, this is not for me". It started slow plus I was thinking the instructor was not that good.

I was wrong! Totally. The mood picked up a few minutes, maybe 10 minutes, after it started. I love it! I love Zumba not just because it's a good cardiovascular exercise but because I FEEL SEXY DOING THE DANCE MOVES. What can beat that? Know what? This particular dance is great to do with friends along. It's fun! I had fun. I know I will join Zumba class again, and again. My gym shirt was soaking with sweat like I dipped it in a bucket of water. It was great that I thought of taking with me another shirt.

Oh well, my curiosity paid off. Joining Zumba is one good experience in my gym life. :)

I'm excited to note that there are several kinds of Zumba offered to cater to a participant's needs and wants. I explored their website and learned that there are Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba, Zumba in the Cirtuit, etc. There's even Zumba for kids - Zumbatomic. I wish Zumba Toning and Zumba in the Circuit will be offered in my gym. I have to ask that.

In the meantime I will be enjoying Zumba at least twice a week.

Here's one example of Zumba dance steps. I love the energy!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do Not Overdo It

I forgot exactly when but it was sometime a week ago when I did join three intensive group exercises, one resistance training and two high-powered cardiovascular workouts. One back to back and the other one I had to wait for a few hours before the class started.

I did body pump back to back with body combat. After an hour and a half I joined RPM. I was exhilarated. I loved it!

The next few days I also stretched myself to doing two group exercises. I did body balance on one of those days to stretch my sore muscles.

But I got sick. Well not sick as in I had fever or I needed to just stay on bed. But I developed a terrible cold. It was not like how it was a week ago but I still have cold up to now.

1. Do not overdo your exercises.
2. Change shirt and undergarment for every workout to keep the sweat off your back. My mom told me about this when I was little and even up to now. Why don't I listen.
3. Do rest if your body tells you so and even if it doesn't tell you so. There is such a thing as recovery time.
4. Do not push yourself hard in just one day. Manage your workouts such that in a week all your muscle groups have their fair share of exercises.

I did weights, RPM and core exercises yesterday. I started changing top before going to my next workout. Of course, I feel fresher and more ready to kick, box, jump. Sanitary too. Haha.

I am still not 100% free from cold, in fact I'm coughing a little today, but with enough rest, right food and drink, I'll be good before this short holiday ends.
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