Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feeling Light

I was feeling lighter the past days. Most of my house clothes seemed to feel bigger on me compared to the past weeks. Some shirts look like they're hanging on my shoulders. I somehow know the diet and consecutive back to back work outs are working.

I weighed in when I got to the gym today. I almost jump for joy when the body analyzer printed my weight.  I lost five pounds in the past two weeks. :)))) I am so near my desired weight for the month. It's been a month and three weeks and I have lost a total of eight pounds already. Just about right.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buff Women

And by buff here I mean having good muscle tone.

I attended a body balance class today after my cardio and weights. I like all the instructress so far but this one we had today sort of inspires me. She has a very cool, soft voice. It was so effortless when she gave instructions for the next poses. Most of all, I like her body contour. I like how buff she is but not too muscular. She still looks like a woman with very toned muscles on her arms, torso and legs.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Curves for Women

Disclaimer: 2.9.10. This post, as obviously stated in the content, relays the author's experience as a first time visitor of Curves located at BGC, Philippines. It does not aim to recommend this business for franchising or for your personal fitness program.

I received an email last week inviting me (along with a number of bloggers majority of which are also my friends) to visit and experience the newly opened Curves, a fitness center exclusively for women. It will be held on a Saturday so I am free. Also, at this point I am very much into physical fitness that was why I immediately replied and confirmed my attendance. I was particularly interested to know if there will be something new and exciting they will offer.

I know Curves is from the U.S. but I am not familiar with the kind of service they give. I did not even know they have a branch here in our country. I was very glad I proceeded to Curves last Saturday.

On Dieting

"Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but they can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake." - Author Unknown

That quote above is talking about me I suppose. Just how hard is it to diet? For someone like me who loves food, it takes tons of discipline and will power to manage my food intake. I am a rice person and I love chocolate cakes. I cannot resist them once they are in front of me.

Like I always say working out at the gym is no problem with me. I make time for it, squeeze it in my schedule whenever tasks get tight. But it's the dieting that hampers my weight loss program plus the fact that I can't control eating during PMS.

I was able to shed off some pounds last January. I was really happy about it. I was still short from my target weight but I can adjust for February. It's only a matter of three pounds. February came and it seems I gained two pounds. Ha! But I am determined to still achieve my weight goal for this month.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My husband and I have always wanted to jog together with our daughter. There was never a concrete plan so it did not push through. But this year I have included this as one of my goals - a physical fitness activity involving the family.

I got the commitment of my husband and daughter two weeks ago. We were supposed to jog on January 23 but it was my aunt's birthday celebration so we forewent the plan. But last Saturday, all things were set, mindset included.

I was glad to note that hubby and daughter even woke up an hour ahead of me. I was so sleepy but I decided to go for it. Half asleep, I reminded myself of one of my mantras this year - MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. I got up and prepared myself.

We were at the UP Diliman grounds at half past six in the morning. There were so many joggers. The air was so fresh and really cool. I like the smell of grass and trees and green plants in the morning.

The atmosphere was really very ideal for brisk walking, jogging or running. I can't cope with my husband and daughter when they run so they have to wait for me and just do brisk walking so I won't left behind.
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