Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buff Women

And by buff here I mean having good muscle tone.

I attended a body balance class today after my cardio and weights. I like all the instructress so far but this one we had today sort of inspires me. She has a very cool, soft voice. It was so effortless when she gave instructions for the next poses. Most of all, I like her body contour. I like how buff she is but not too muscular. She still looks like a woman with very toned muscles on her arms, torso and legs.

Lately I've been finding buff women really sexy like those women above. I would have posted Jackie Lou Blanco's photo but I can't find any which shows her buff body.

It clearly shows how they take care of their bodies. They seem so strong and powerful. I love it!  I want to visualize myself having this kind of body, and work on it at the same time. It's free to dream. If I reach this goal, it will be one of the milestones in my life which I can tell my future grandchildren with so much pride.

***Michelle Obama's picture from LA Times, Michelle Rodriguez' from Just Jared, Hilary Swank's from After Ellen

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