Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Diet Staples

I shared a few entries ago that I feel guilty whenever I eat. It feels like I'm getting back the pounds I have already lost. It's psychological most definitely. I have that fear of gaining weight whenever I eat no matter how small the amount is. I was even worried I might be developing an eating disorder.

Husband's words calmed me down, "you are managing your weight and not trying to kill yourself. So it's alright to eat." My daughter on the other hand will tell me to watch what I am eating so I won't bug her if I have gained weight or what.

I keep on reading success stories on proper weight management and I realized I am not alone in this kind of feeling. I was able to manage this feeling like what I have mentioned before by following the proper guidelines on the right kinds of food to eat side by side exercising.

I would like to share with you what mostly constitutes my daily meal or at least several days in a week.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I Chased the Sun

I have a lot to be thankful for today but the top three would be: 1) I was able to join my very first run - Chase the Sun, Neutrogena Run, 2) I was able to attend my church duties after, 3) Hubby and daughter were able to accompany me in my run. They served as my official photographers. :)

Yes, I did it! I am so happy. I am still waiting for the results of my running time but looking at the watch at the finish line, I guess I did almost 45 minutes for a 3km run. That's slow I know. I walked when I reached 2km, slowed down and run again when I was almost half of the 2km course. I also made two short stops to drink water. But I am so happy I finished it.

I do better in the treadmill. I can make more than 4km in 30 minutes. Maybe not as fast as your average runner but that's an achievement for me at this point when I am only starting to run. Who knew I will be running in the first place?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

No, I Did Not Take Anything

I am quite proud of my efforts in managing my weight. From February of this year up to this month of May, I already lost a lot of unwanted pounds, 2-digits, baby. I still need to lose some more to achieve my desired weight. My body fat decreased considerably. What I am so happy about also is that my BMI is just a hair's strand away from being normal. Yes! I'm jumping for joy! :)))

People do notice how I am getting slimmer. Modesty aside, I am flattered by their compliments. People who knew me when I was still very slim tell me that I am back, my body is back to how it used to be, slim and curvy. I am getting there, friends. Not still as slim as I used to be but getting there.

The thing is a lot also wonder what I did or have been doing. One even asked me pointblank what I took. Is there a slimming pill that I can share? NONE. NADA. Because I have always been wary of taking anything even if it means I will lose the fats in just a couple of weeks. I am afraid of the side effects they could bring. No way. I could have taken them years ago when my friends where all drinking this and that pill. But I am scared.
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