Monday, May 17, 2010

I Chased the Sun

I have a lot to be thankful for today but the top three would be: 1) I was able to join my very first run - Chase the Sun, Neutrogena Run, 2) I was able to attend my church duties after, 3) Hubby and daughter were able to accompany me in my run. They served as my official photographers. :)

Yes, I did it! I am so happy. I am still waiting for the results of my running time but looking at the watch at the finish line, I guess I did almost 45 minutes for a 3km run. That's slow I know. I walked when I reached 2km, slowed down and run again when I was almost half of the 2km course. I also made two short stops to drink water. But I am so happy I finished it.

I do better in the treadmill. I can make more than 4km in 30 minutes. Maybe not as fast as your average runner but that's an achievement for me at this point when I am only starting to run. Who knew I will be running in the first place?

I just hope running events will be on a Saturday and not Sunday. We have church duties on early Sunday morning that's why and also to have ample time to rest before another week starts. But I will definitely be joining a lot of runs not to compete but for the sheer pleasure of doing it. Maybe I'll compete with myself, break the time record on the last run perhaps. The adrenalin rush is a reward in itself.

We arrived at Bonifacio Global City at 5:45AM. The 15k has started. Gun start for the 3k group where I belong is at 6:05AM.  I claimed my shirt and singlet after and had some picture taking with the hubs and daughter. We left the area at 8AM, went home, rest for a few minutes, took a shower and headed to church. My husband proceeded to his business while my daughter and I stayed at the church till 11:30AM. Talk about being hyper. I am really thankful for a supportive husband and a daughter willing to share adventures with her mommy.

While I was running, someone is busy in the trampoline.

My daughter definitely is not afraid of heights. She said she had goosebumps but it was tolerable. She enjoyed jumping here. You know what, she was talking about bungee jumping after this. No way. Haha.

I did some preparations for this run. Nothing over but I needed to prep myself because definitely running on the treadmill is different from running outdoors. I only had one run at the UP oval a month or so ago and after that, every run was done on treadmill.  I'd be posting in my succeeding entries how I psyched myself up for my very first run.

I am proud to have chased the sun this morning. I love the wind on my face, the smiles of strangers I ran with and the sun shining as the day unfolds. Now the heat is a different story. :)

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