Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Diet Staples

I shared a few entries ago that I feel guilty whenever I eat. It feels like I'm getting back the pounds I have already lost. It's psychological most definitely. I have that fear of gaining weight whenever I eat no matter how small the amount is. I was even worried I might be developing an eating disorder.

Husband's words calmed me down, "you are managing your weight and not trying to kill yourself. So it's alright to eat." My daughter on the other hand will tell me to watch what I am eating so I won't bug her if I have gained weight or what.

I keep on reading success stories on proper weight management and I realized I am not alone in this kind of feeling. I was able to manage this feeling like what I have mentioned before by following the proper guidelines on the right kinds of food to eat side by side exercising.

I would like to share with you what mostly constitutes my daily meal or at least several days in a week.

Aside from fruits, it's wheat pasta.  I toss in lean meat and crushed tomatoes or some vegetables like asparagus or broccoli. I just blanch them and mix in my cooked wheat pasta. Quick and easy.  It makes me feel full. It serves as my lunch and my meal after working out.

I still eat white rice but very minimal. Just to satisfy a craving, half a cup a few times in a week is enough.

I take tea twice to three times a day and coffee, just once a day now. I would like to talk more about tea in my next posts as I have learned quite a number of facts about it. I prefer decaffeinated black tea and oolong tea.

At the gym, I look forward to my slice of banana bread and my oolong tea.

I also munch on cereal bars instead of chips and other junk foods. I do take a pinch of potato chips from time to time but it's very regulated, like five small pieces at the most. Just so I won't feel deprived. Haha.

I love chocolates so I chose the chocolate brownie flavor. A very good substitute. :)


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