Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gym Fatigue? I Just Do It.

I guess this happens to everyone, even to those we call gym rats. Too much of anything will tire us. Boredom strikes when some activities are part of our routine.

I still go to the gym regularly, like five times a week. I just noticed I give some effort to do all the work outs I need to do unlike the past weeks and months that merely thinking about them excites me. They make me want to go to the gym right away.

Is this boredom or complacency? I am so close to my weight goal that a little voice tells me to take it easy now. I can pass some of the exercises I do or decrease the number of repetitions. I followed the voice twice already. But today I went back to my regular treadmill time and running time. I stick to the number of reps for my weights.

What do I do to counter boredom and complacency?

*At times I try to shuffle my work outs. Ideally, strength training and cardio should be done on separate days or at least different sessions same day. But I mostly do strength training first and then cardio. But the past days I do light cardio first before weights. One of the trainers informed me too that this is good for building strength.

*I challenge myself. I increase reps, weights, duration or speed.

*I try different exercises. This is true - you will never know until you try. I joined the coaching sessions about crunches. I thought they will be really hard but I was able to do them. Now I do crunches and sit-ups without using the bench with roller at the back (I don't exactly know how it is called). I use weights while doing my crunches. I can do reverse crunch now.

*I take note of the different classes I want to attend. I will be joining body jam next time. I observed the participants and the instructor. If I was able to do body pump, I can do body jam.

*Eye on the prize. I am still a few pounds away from my goal. There is no room for complacency. Every pound counts. I need to motivate myself. I look at my recent pictures and happt about how I look. I want to reach my goal further.

*I JUST DO IT. I try my might best not to entertain any excuses. I go to the gym and fulfill my work outs. I am a happier person going home after a fruitful gym session.

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