Saturday, July 10, 2010

Increase Your Metabolism

One of my concerns, specially when I was starting with my weight management, is how to increase my metabolism. I have no scientific basis but I just knew then I have a very slow metabolism. I work five days a week but mostly my time is spent at the office, sitting on my chair or sitting on a meeting for hours on end. Not much physical activity, right? But my officemates are able to manage their weight even if we have almost the same activities. I don't know what they do at home but I sure gain weight faster than they do.

Since I got serious with my weight management I've been checking how to increase my metabolism. I need about 1,250 calories a day and anything beyond that I should burn. So far I have a constant weight loss of 1 to 2 lbs a week which should indicate my metabolism is working well compared before. Thanks to regular exercise and consistent managing of my food intake.

Here's a link, Twelve Ways to Revive and Boost Your Metabolism, with clear tips on how to to increase your metabolism. (Entries in bold fonts were taken from the article in the link.)

1. Make sure you eat breakfast.
Good thing I am used to eating breakfast. Just that I changed what I eat. It used to be rice, dried fish, eggs, hotdogs and the like and coffee. But now I changed to wheat bread with a variety of spread - tuna with onions and tomatoes, a few times a thin spread of peanut butter, hardboiled egg with light mayonnaise and tomatoes. I have oatmeals on some days and bananas.

2. Eat majority of your food earlier in the day.
Yes I do especially if I like what we will have for lunch. I take it with little amount of rice (1/2 cup at the most) and that's it. My craving is satisfied. I resist the urge to eat the same thing again in the afternoon, especially at night. How do I do this? I program on my mind what I will be eating and stick to them. If there's a strong craving, I leave out the rice and just eat the dish.

3. Don't starve.
I have learned to eat small meals in a three hour interval. Amen. Now that I do a lot of strength and resistance training, I noticed my hunger pangs get frequent that's why I eat even before I get so hungry. It's like my mind is already conditioned when I should be eating.

4. Eat smaller meals more frequently.
Yup, like what I have mentioned, three hour interval works for me.

5. Get enough aerobic exercise.
I do aerobics even at home for about 30 to 45 minutes twice a week or if I can't drop by the gym.

6. Build muscle with weight training or resistance exercise.
I do these even if I find them hard. I am able to increase weights now but only up to 8 kilos (4 kilos in each hand). Next week I will try to increase to 5 kilos each. I am very careful doing this as I don't want to injure myself.

7. Water, water, water!!
Good think I love drinking water. :)

8. Get enough B vitamins.
And this reminded me to take the vitamin mom sent me. Okay. I'll do it now. It has vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12.

One thing not stated in this link is GET ENOUGH SLEEP.
In terms of sleep deprivation, most people will agree that going without sleep for any length of time impacts our ability to function during the day. This can lead to stress that can impact how the body functions on many levels, one of which is the metabolic function. The delicate balance on hormone secretion that occurs in metabolism can be disrupted and lead to eating disorders or over eating. *How Does Sleep Affect Our Metabolism
I need to improve on this. I sleep for only 4 to 5 hours. It's only on a Saturday that I get to sleep at least 7 hours. I must discipline myself into sleeping earlier than how I am accustomed to.

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