Thursday, July 29, 2010

Complacency Has No Room

I went to the gym today not to workout as I cannot (and don't want since it's the time of the month) but to while away the time waiting for my appointment in the nearby office. I thought of weighing in. Great! 1 lb less versus last week - a pound or 2 a week. :) But my fat free mass was retained.

Honestly I was getting conscious of my eating the past days because I have not disciplined myself from eating chips and a few spoonfuls of white rice with corned beef and lean pork. I also had white pasta in creamy sauce during the get together with my high school friends.

I tend to have a huge appetite whenever my monthly visitor is nearing. I even had my longganisa and half cup of garlic rice one morning at one of those fast food chains. I haven't done this in a looong while. I have to say I can't consume a plateful of rice now. I don't know if it's psychological or my body has adapted to the a-few spoons-of-rice-only habit. But still I know I am eating a little more than I used to the past months.

With all these seemingly uncontrolled eating, I thought I might be gaining a pound even if I know on my mind, I am just consuming within the range of my required calories for the day. I mentally count the calories I put in my body. Still this thought: what I am eating the past days are a lot more than what I am eating the past months.

I am thinking it's not just PMS but my metabolism is faster now that my body is used to physical activities hence the appetite. I continue to challenge myself in resistance training as well as joining body combat classes. I did join last week and boy, every bone and muscle in my body were stretched! I thought I won't be able to move the following day.

And so it is true that eating moderately (emphasis on moderately) will not make us fat as long as we regularly workout and burn the extra calories (in case there are). I lost a pound because I see to it that I workout hard within the day. But retaining my fat free mass in not a good indication of what I am eating.

There should be no room for complacency. I will go back to my diet the past months - no white rice, very limited chips and more fresh juice and fruits.

What I noticed is that some acquaintances and friends gained back some pounds they already lost right when they were already near their desired weight. It's because they have been eating more than they used to when they were at the height of their diet. Is it generally human nature to get complacent once improvements are felt? It's easier to coax oneself that it's just a bite, it's just a few calories which you promise to burn. Until the calories add up and the excess fat gets obvious again. They may not be as hefty as they used to be but sliding back caused their weights to plateau.

Again, I will leave no room for complacency. I have a goal to reach. By mid August I should be 10 lbs away from my desired weight.

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