Sunday, July 24, 2011


The title of this post was supposed to be Effort and Discipline but thinking about it, it takes real effort to be disciplined. I stayed with Effort with an exclamation point as it really takes great effort on my part to maintain my physical fitness activities.

One of my team members asked me one time how do I manage to maintain my weight. I said it's actually a combination of moderate eating the right foods and regular exercise. I mentioned I go to the gym several times a week either before work or after office hours. She blurted, "wow, ma'am, effort!"

Yes, it is!

I have to wake prepare everything at night - my gym bag which contain my towel, toiletries, and shoes. I prepare what I will wear for the gym as well as what I will wear at the office. I also prepare what I will be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also need to master how to manage my time at the gym without sacrificing the quality of my workout. I need to leave at a certain time so I will be at the office on time.

I also take time to research and read different kinds of workouts which I can apply to my set exercises. This is to improve further my workouts as well as avoid boredom in my routine exercises.

In terms of my food intake, I need to be constantly disciplined in eating properly. I do slip from time to time but I bounce back immediately. I also research about how I can make my food more exciting such that my family will also share them with me. :)

I am happy to note that from my last weigh a week ago, my fat mass is decreasing and my BMI is at the lower end of the ideal range. I really thought I gained fat since I have been loading a lot of bad carbohydrates the past weeks. I want to believe the regular exercise makes my metabolism faster and that I burn calories even after my workout.

Exercising and eating in moderation are really a part of my lifestyle. I am very happy with that. I am moving to Project Daddy Fitness. I need a lot of effort on this. But we can make it. :)
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