Friday, May 20, 2011

I Have Maintained the Ideal Weight for My Body Type But...

...I don't think I have been eating properly the past days. It's actually a roller coaster ride, my diet. One day I eat everything healthy, the next I eat a lot of junk.

Why is my weight steady at 117 lbs? It's because I burn what I eat. I do weights, cardio and mat exercises. I still manage to go to the gym regularly, thanks to the flexible working hours I have now at the office. But it's not all about keeping myself trim and slim. I also want to stay fit and healthy.

So tonight I resolve to eat more healthy foods. NO CHIPS AT ALL. CAKE WILL ONLY BE A SLICE A MONTH. I can't do away with cakes. MORE PROTEIN AGAIN, FRUITS, VEGETABLES. I will stick to whole wheat no matter what.

My goal now is to eat healthy foods and look ripped. Not the ripped-competition-look but just the right amount of muscles at the right places. I am happy to note that my arms has no flabs anymore. :) I have been receiving commendations about how firm my arms look. I actually want them to have more muscles, more toned in other words. I am working on it. I just love that look. My husband doesn't but I do.

I have a 62-year-old client in one of my projects at the office and she is just so fabulously fit. She goes to her health club six times a week and is very disciplined with what she eats. Half a cup of brown rice, lean meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. That's what she always eat. At 62, she's got a perfect body, she's so young looking, she's so active and that is because she conscientiously takes care of her body.

I like that. Make that, I LOVE THAT!

So tomorrow, healthier foods will take over my diet like how it was when I started getting fit. And so it will be also with my family. It started tonight actually for them. My daughter finally had her brown rice without mixing it with white rice. :) And she ate oatmeal cookies...with chocolate fudge but that's a good start. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Morning Gym Session

My dilemma again is whether to work out in the morning before I proceed to work or in the evening after office.

At times I find it hard to wake up at 5AM just so I can leave the house at 5:45 AM and be at the gym at a little past 6 AM. I want to work out for 2 hours actually but if I get to the gym at 7 AM, I just have an hour and a half because I need to be at the office at least by 9:30 AM. I don't want to hurry myself in doing my exercises.

The upside also of going to the gym early in the morning is that it's practically deserted. :)

Now if I don't get to work out in the morning, I have no choice but to go to the evening session. But this has more downside. After a day's work, I want to go home already and be with my daughter. The gym is so full! But it's also a great way to sort of end the day after a stressful day at work. I mean while at work I look forward to de-stress at the gym.

But then, the morning work out at the gym won again. It's great to start the day all pumped up and end the day going home to my family. :)
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