Saturday, May 15, 2010

No, I Did Not Take Anything

I am quite proud of my efforts in managing my weight. From February of this year up to this month of May, I already lost a lot of unwanted pounds, 2-digits, baby. I still need to lose some more to achieve my desired weight. My body fat decreased considerably. What I am so happy about also is that my BMI is just a hair's strand away from being normal. Yes! I'm jumping for joy! :)))

People do notice how I am getting slimmer. Modesty aside, I am flattered by their compliments. People who knew me when I was still very slim tell me that I am back, my body is back to how it used to be, slim and curvy. I am getting there, friends. Not still as slim as I used to be but getting there.

The thing is a lot also wonder what I did or have been doing. One even asked me pointblank what I took. Is there a slimming pill that I can share? NONE. NADA. Because I have always been wary of taking anything even if it means I will lose the fats in just a couple of weeks. I am afraid of the side effects they could bring. No way. I could have taken them years ago when my friends where all drinking this and that pill. But I am scared.

I got slimmer naturally. It's true for me - NO PAIN, NO GAIN.

* I sweat it out! I am focused on the end goal of achieving my desired weight that even if I am tired and feeling lazy going to the gym or do aerobics at home, I get over that feeling and proceed.

* Conscious effort to diet and eat the right kinds of food. I take at least two spoonfuls of food that I want but bad for the diet just to satisfy my craving and then I stop. No back sliding please. I maintain lean protein, wheat, oats, tea, energy bar and fruits in my diet.

* I am aware of what I need to do and how to do them properly. I read a lot about the right kinds of exercise, ask the trainers in the gym and do the exercises properly. I level up. I am starting to do weights now. I am definitely enjoying body pump.

I hope to join my first fun run on Sunday. :) So help me God and let this push through. I want to enjoy this. :)

I've been updating my wardrobe for the past weeks. I have been buying a few tops and bottoms since my old clothes are just too big for me now. I would like to keep a lot of gym clothes too. I thought of joining POC Sportacular's contest, Win a Nike Shirt for Women. Winning them will save me a few hundred pesos. I really hope I'll get them. Please, luck, be on my side and let me win, haha. :)

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