Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My husband and I have always wanted to jog together with our daughter. There was never a concrete plan so it did not push through. But this year I have included this as one of my goals - a physical fitness activity involving the family.

I got the commitment of my husband and daughter two weeks ago. We were supposed to jog on January 23 but it was my aunt's birthday celebration so we forewent the plan. But last Saturday, all things were set, mindset included.

I was glad to note that hubby and daughter even woke up an hour ahead of me. I was so sleepy but I decided to go for it. Half asleep, I reminded myself of one of my mantras this year - MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. I got up and prepared myself.

We were at the UP Diliman grounds at half past six in the morning. There were so many joggers. The air was so fresh and really cool. I like the smell of grass and trees and green plants in the morning.

The atmosphere was really very ideal for brisk walking, jogging or running. I can't cope with my husband and daughter when they run so they have to wait for me and just do brisk walking so I won't left behind.

There they are, taking a quick rest before going back to jogging.

That's me and my daughter strutting our stuff. Take note of the message on the grandma's t-shirt by the way.

After an hour and a half we proceeded to a nearby Jollibee store for our breakfast. My daughter had chicken joy. She was really starving from so much walking and jogging. My husband's choice (and the only food he eats from Jollibee aside from their Jolly Hotdog) was corned beef, garlic rice and egg.

Much as I wanted what hubby ordered, I opted for a light meal because I am trying my best to manage my diet. I didn't even touch the syrup but I put on a little butter. But these Jollibee pancakes are just so thin, paper thin! Oh well, it filled me up somehow.

I am glad that my daughter enjoyed this activity. In fact she is looking forward to our weekend jogging. We plan to do this at least every other Saturday, just to be realistic about it. And in time, our jogging activity will be on a weekly basis.

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