Thursday, October 9, 2014


I am more prepared today in my workout though I woke up a little later than I did yesterday. That means I cannot spend more than 20 minutes in my exercise because I have to prepare to work. Gotta earn a living, you know. And then Mom and Pop called. Of course I needed to stop and talk to my ever loving and generous parents. 

But one thing I do a little bragging about today is that PLANK is still my favorite. I haven't done this for months that I thought the 30 second plank will give me a hard time. But no, I did more than that. Smiley, smiley!  :)))

Plank is still my favorite. That routine really did me well. My core got firm and flabs went away. I will make them go away again. :)))

Some negative thoughts creeping on my mind when I woke up but see, I am quite hyper now. Thanks to my workout!  And the parents' call. :)))

I chose another cardio video for today which I feel better doing. Will repeat tomorrow. :) 

Happy thoughts,happy thoughts!

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