Friday, October 10, 2014

Let's Dance!

I thought of doing zumba today to perk me up. I found this 10-minute dance workout in YouTube. Suits me. Easy to follow. It served as my warm-up. I hope will wear that mid rib and body hugging pants again. I will give myself three months to burn my belly fat. Haha!

Back to my core exercises. I added some core exercises not in here...just because. Once I start, the adrenalin rush makes me do more. What I find hard in this set of exercise is the "face-up pilates". Oh boy, I struggled. What seems too easy actually is not...not hard but I needed to it slowly because I feel like my thigh muscles are getting strained but I did the whole 45 seconds. I'm talking about the "toe-tap pilates". 

It was a total of 45 minutes of dance and core exercises today. Progressing! :) 

Now, it's time for mommy duties. I took a one-day leave from work because I have to attend to my daughter's school activities. Thank You, God, for giving way to let me do the things I need and want to do. 

Looking forward to a great day with my daughter! :) 

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