Thursday, January 23, 2014

Getting Back on Track, 2014!

Alright, I hate to admit it but this morning was my first real workout. Sure I do walking a lot but I have not stepped into my gym yet since the start of the year. I need to make time for my regular exercise sessions. But yes, I resolved not to be limited by my schedule. I need to make time.  No more excuses.

My choice really is doing my exercises early in the morning even if that means waking up an hour or two earlier. So be it. Exercising in the morning prepares me for the day ahead. Good vibes!

I followed this cardiovascular exercise at home this morning. It was all good! I love it! I want to say this will get me back on track. 

I spent about 40 minutes including the long rest/water break interval. I love this workout. I am going to do this every morning for maybe about a week before I go back to hardcore cardio and strength exercises. This video has very clear instructions including the countdown as well as the moves. 

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