Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eyes on the Prize

Seriously now, I'm going back to strict food management.  I gained weight.  I am now at 135 lb or 61 kilos.  My goal is 112 lb or 50 kilos. Yes, I have to convert that, haha. I'm used in in lb as my unit of measure but my gym uses kilos.

Anyway, I'm watching what I am eating.

I am proud to say I did not have bad carbs yesterday, well not so much.   I did not have all good foods yesterday but it was better than the previous days.

- banana
- four seasons tea

After 4 hours, around 10:30 AM:
 - 2 pcs of pancakes with butter
 - coffee with cream, white sugar
 - 1 pc, 2 inches papaya
 - 2 small sausages

Afternoon snack:
 - popcorn cheese flavor

 - Banana
 - 3 pcs KFC fries
 - 1 pc KFC fun shots
 - 2 pcs toasted wheat bread with butter
 - 1 cup of coffee
 - fit and right, 1 small bottle

They aren't as healthy as I want them to be but a lot, lot better.

Pat on the back for me for not being tempted to eat:
 - leche flan which the hubs bought
 - cake
 - rice and adobo

I had a pretty great workout too yesterday:
 - Strength - weights
 - Core 
 - Cardio - treadmill, Body Combat
 - Body Balance

This morning though I had:

- half a cup of white rice
- 3 pcs chicken leg, adobo
- 1 cup of coffee
It's a whole day, I can do this. I will discipline myself again in eating. :) 

*Eye on the prize - 112 lb! 

Oh yes, it's lb and not lbs. :)))

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