Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting Back on Track

I went to the gym yesterday, a Saturday.  I took the opportunity of a few hours at the gym because my daughter has a tutorial class at school for two hours. And the great thing is she also wanted to go to the gym after.

I did my core exercises in the morning because I know my time at the gym after lunch won't be all mine as I will be assisting my daughter with her very first visit at the gym.  :)  I'll be talking about her gym experience in my other blog, Life Bliss.  

What I wanted to share here is how I appreciate one of the trainees at the gym.  He's new and I am guessing he is a trainee.  I am also thinking Fitness First has a new program which is more customer or client friendly.  I don't know if this is only a local (meaning just in the Philippines) customer program or it applies to FF world wide.  The shirt of the new PTs have a print which goes like they can answer questions if there's anything we (clients) need to ask. I forgot the actual print.  I'll check tomorrow.

Anyway, one trainee observed what I did using the triceps pulley.  He said I was doing it wrong. The load is too heavy for me.  I set my load at 12 kilos.  The PT said my back gives all the unnecessary push.  He asked me what I am working on.  I said I want to build upper arm muscles.  

I want toned arms and body. I need to do my exercises properly. 
He taught me the proper way to tone my arms.  

He set the load at 5 kilos.  He made me do 24 reps, 5 sets. Oh boy, yes, I felt the muscles really working.  He taught me the proper way of doing it - upper arms on my side, forearms moving up to chest level and bringing them down straight.  

Thank you. He said I'm free to ask. Oh, yes, I will. :)

Here's what I did yesterday using the triceps pulley. 

I want toned arms.

24 reps, 5 sets, triceps push down

I can't wait to reach my desired weight of 112 lb with fats and muscles in all the right places.  But patience and discipline are important ingredients in reaching my desired weight.  

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