Saturday, June 23, 2012

Doing It Right Again

Because of the erratic schedule 2 months ago, I was not able to go to the gym regularly and if I do, it was on a very limited time.

I find myself a little lazy now to attend to my gym sessions. But I know and I really do want to continue my exercise habits at the gym, I need to motivate myself. I am making new goals and sticking to them. I get so motivated whenever I have goals to pursue.

Since I gained a few pounds, I mean to shed them all off. Eating is my number one "enemy" the past months. Cakes, ice cream, white rice, butter, chocolates, cookies, processed foods.

I started today. No rice, nothing fried. Oh yes, I did eat some junk - maybe 500 g of fish crackers but that's just about it. I loaded up my food storage with fruits and that's what I am going to eat. today and onwards till I reach my goals. And then I gotta maintain this again.

Last week I weighed in and I was at 131.6 lb but my fat mass fat % was down 2 lbs, only 28% now. That's some good news. But I need not kid myself. I am slowly gaining weight. I have to go back to a healthier life style if I want to reach and maintain 112 lb through regular exercise and proper eating.

What I had today so far:

2 large bananas
500 g fish cracker
1 cup of coffee with creamer and brown sugar
1 wheat bread with 2 teaspoons of peanut butter
Fit n Rite, 2 bottles

I'm preparing some hard boiled eggs with light mayonnaise for my snack and in-between foods. Plain oats only tonight.

Yes, going cold turkey again. If was able to do this when I was 1t 175 lb, I can very well do it now that I'm 131 lb.

EYE ON THE GOAL: 112 lb, firm muscles, 20% to 22% fat mass percentage, eat the right foods, regular exercise.

In my next post here, it won't be about failed initiatives but improvement towards my goals. :)

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