Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Emotional and Mental Benefits of Exercise To Me

I headed to the gym right after office. I psyched myself up since last night that I will finish my work on time today so I can leave on time. I also told myself whatever happens I will attend my gym session tonight.

And so I did. I am really happy about it. I am maximizing my time. I don't want to stay long at the gym since I need to balance my work, personal time and my mommy duties. I did the stair stepper. I joined body combat for 30 great minutes and proceeded to do weights. I feel so refreshed after an hour of working out.

There's some new task I needed to do at the office which I do not welcome. But suddenly it came to me that I should instead welcome the challenge and treat this as another great experience which will be beneficial for me. It's an added knowledge after all. Something I can use in my next career plans.

Why am I talking about that? I am just trying to correlate the sudden clarity of thought with working out.

Exercising definitely relieved me of my stress. Once I stepped out of the office, generally, I put on a different hat and play my other roles. I thought about that at the gym. I brushed off any thoughts about work when it started creeping in while I was at the body combat class. I have a life you know.

Tonight it just entered my mind to accept and welcome the new task. As I have said, it's another feather on my cap. Clearly, my relaxed mind brought about working out at the gym made me think more positively and more confidently.

It's true. Exercising regularly does not only do the body good but also clears our minds and uplift us emotionally.


Sharpens brainpower. The same endorphins that make us feel better also help us concentrate and feel mentally sharp for our tasks at hand. (The Benefits of Exercise)

Calms your mind and helps you feel less stressed in traffic, at work, and at home.
Works off the tension and you can think clearly about the situation.
Makes you feel happier. People who exercise are more optimistic and happy than those who lead sedentary lifestyles. (The Emotional Benefits of Exercise)

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