Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gym Etiquettes

I appreciate the badge you see on the left side of this post. :) Now on to other news.....

I generally do not mind about other people's quirks and attitudes. I normally go with the saying "to each his own". I am not in the habit of talking about people except when you're a super celebrity.

But I love to watch people. On rare times they affect me, a lot of times not really. But I do notice some people need to practice some etiquette especially at the gym. Just common courtesy and sensitivity to your gym mates will be highly appreciated.

1. Please follow the rules. If the gym management posted an advisory not to leave your toiletries and change clothes at the shower room, then don't. Please let others use the shower first. Moderate your greed. Haha.

2. Please do not linger on one machine/equipment. I understand we have to rest for a few seconds or a minute before doing some more reps but when I see you texting and taking like forever to leave and move to the next equipment, it makes my eyes roll.

3. Please do not own the computer. It says in the advisory in front of the computer user to use it within 15 minutes only to give chance to others. I once asked a woman who thought maybe she was in a computer rental shop if she's going to get finished ever. She was there for a full hour or more because I saw her already when I was about to start my work-out. And was still there when I was already taking a rest and would want to check important emails and of course, my Facebook.

4. Please come on time for group exercises. And if you can't help it for some reason, have the courtesy to find a place where you and the people around you can move freely. Do not occupy a space where there is a great chance that you will be hit or you will steal another participant's area. Naman, naman.

5. Please do not walk leisurely as if you are in a park during group exercises. If you must leave the room, do it fast and walk through areas where you won't disturb any participant.

6. Please put back the weights, the mat, the what-have-you which you used to their proper places. Leaving them anywhere might cause an accident.

7. Please wipe your sweat you marked on the machine before moving on to the next machine.

8. Please keep from looking at someone else's statistics when doing your work out. A person's calorie lost is different from another. Haha, concentrate on your own.

So there. Happy gymming!

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