Monday, November 22, 2010

Balancing Act

It's the great Monday deluge. Traffic is humongous. Many are stranded. I'm thankful I arrived home a lot earlier than I expected.

I thought I'm going to camp out at the office. The view from the office showed bumper to bumper traffic. The cars are not moving on both sides, going north and going south. I checked again after a few minutes and thought traffic eased up. I decided to go down and head home.

My husband cannot pick me up because he was also stranded somewhere. The car was stuck in the middle of EDSA for more than an hour already. It's pointless to wait for him.

The traffic was at a standstill again when I went down. Throngs of people preferred to walk. I did not dilly-dally. I walked without grumbling. I prepared myself to walk all the way from our office to the MRT station. Just a wild guess, maybe that would be about 3.5 kilometers. I can hack that even if I was a bit exhausted already from several meetings. Good that I trusted my instincts.

I walked in my heels for more than 500 meters I believe! But see, my feet did not complain. I walked and walked until there was a lull in traffic. There was a portion where vehicles can freely pass. I boarded a passenger jeep. Luckily the stop was very near the MRT station. It was a breeze going up the stairs.

The MRT was jampacked that I did not have to hold the railing while I was standing amidst fellow passengers. I was able to balance myself! Haha.

Taking off in my station, I thought it best to just board an FX instead of a cab. For sure, the taxi bay is lined up with people wanting to go home. I was pretty sure taxis tonight were rare because they were stranded somewhere.

I was really thankful I was able to ride an FX easily. I was home after almost two hours. Most of the status in Facebook and Twitter talk about being stranded and being stuck in traffic for hours already.

Ha! I was thinking if I was not as physically fit as I am today, I might not have survived the long walk, the balancing act at the MRT, walking some more to get an FX and still having the energy to blog about this.

Thank you for my cardio exercises as well as my strength trainings. Thank you to body balance and yoga as well.

It pays to exercise. It helps build my endurance. This validates the fact that exercising regularly should be a lifestyle.

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