Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going Back to My Diet

Nope, I did not gain much weight, well 4 lbs. That's a lot, who am I kidding?

From 117 lbs to 121 lbs. But it's good to note my body mass index is still in the ideal range. In fact it's in the lower end of the ideal range. So is my body fat. Maybe that's why no one notices I gained weight and my clothes and jeans are still medium size. My jeans and skirt still fit very well as if I did not earn 4 effin pounds. Only when I weighed in did I realize I gained weight.

But I will not wait for the time that I will be surprised my BMI and body fat are again on the high side.

I have not been too conscious of my food intake since December 31. It's been more than three weeks that I have chips and been eating a lot of carbohydrates and not much fiber or protein.

Yes, tonight I indulged in stir fry beef, a cup of white rice. And not to forget I had creamy tomato pasta from KFC for my lunch.

Yesterday I had half a cup of rice with pork binagoongan. Last Monday I had half of Yoshi's Burger and a 1/4 plate of creamy ebiko pasta.

Last Sunday I had pancakes with lots of butter and maple syrup.

The list goes on. Not to mention I am having chips almost everyday.

This started when I told myself I will let go of my diet on the first week of January when we are consuming left-over foods from New Year's Eve. But the one week dragged to the 3rd week.

There were so many events I needed to attend to since the 1st half of December until last week. There were a lot of meetings and planning and business reviews and malling which involves a lot of eating. And I say this won't stop.

And before I let go of the discipline I already earned for the whole year of 2010, I have to stop myself and watch my food intake again.

I have never starved myself but I will not go back to how it was for nearly a decade when I didn't mind what I eat and what goes inside my body. I was successful in healthy living and managing my weight, I will keep it that way.

So tomorrow, the diet starts again.

I need to put back the discipline to myself.

I will say no even to eat-outs at the office. I will say no to my craving for chips. I will say no to my craving for chocolate cakes. I will take a few bites when I dine out with the family.

Back to how it was in 2010 - more fiber, more vegetables and fruits. Back to rigid workout until I reach 112 lbs. This is my desired weight. I'm 121 lbs now. 9 lbs to lose. Targeting whole of February to shed off the unwanted pounds.

And I'm back on blogging here in my fitness site. I will monitor my progress. :)

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