Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Did I Decide to Lose Weight? Why??

The top one question I get with my weight management program is if I have taken anything to make me lose weight. I posted about it a few entries ago. I did not take anything. I did it naturally, diet and exercise.

The top two question would be why I decided to do away with my excess pounds. If I may describe the look in their faces when they ask this question, it's like they can't understand why I have to do it. It's seems as though they would like to understand why I went through all those sacrifices in my diet and exercises. It's like asking me is it all worth it with matching crossed eyebrows and matter-of-fact tone of voice.

It has been asked to me several times and always I am left dumbfounded for a while.

It's not because I don't know my answer but more because I am thinking isn't it obvious why? Isn't it a logical thing to do for someone overweight? You should know why. It makes me wonder for a second why do they ask. Haha. I answer them as soon as I recover from being dumbfounded.

Who are these people who ask me? Some are those on the plump side like how I was before. Maybe they think it's really pretty hard to do, that one has to be super duper motivated to lose weight. That is true. I just thought they are the ones who will understand without even asking why one decides to be lean and mean.

Those who have the right weight also ask me. Maybe they ask because they have no idea how it is to live carrying excess fats in your body. That going up three floors makes you pant already. Or you can't walk even a few meters away because you get tired easily. They also haven't experienced choosing a really beautiful dress only to be frustrated because nothing in your size is available. And when you finally have one that fits you, it doesn't look good. The clothes just look like a drape in your huge body.

So why did I decide to manage my weight?

Because of health reasons and yes, vanity.

I want to be fit and healthy. This is one of the best things I can do both for my family and myself. I also want to look good. This I do more for myself.

My husband, my family has no qualms about how I look when I was tipping the scale at 185, 175 or 165 lbs. I was referred to as Sharon Cuneta (a local superstar who is also on the big side but pretty and flawless. Haha, I even have to say that.)

I used to be really slim and as I've said in my Fitness Story, modesty aside, I was envied for having a very well-proportioned body. I want to bring it back, not the envy, but the well-proportioned body.

It feels good to see that I can wear now what I want. It feels good on my pocket also that I can buy in not-so-expensive retail stores, even in tiangges (pocket stores selling cheap clothes), and they look good on me. I am now medium size. Most small retail stores do not have XXL which was my size before. I can wear stylish clothes fully appreciating how good they are on a lean body. Vain? Yes. Nothing to apologize for that. Vanity is not the be-all and end-all of my being but I want to look good. That's it.

It feels great that I can go up the footbridge without catching my breath. It feels great that I have the energy at night to still cook at times even after a long day. It feels great that I don't tire easily, both mentally and physically. It feels great that I can run, walk fast, lift weights at my age. I'm 41.

Managing my weight has given me more self-confidence and more enthusiasm to face my day-to-day routines and the challenges that go with it at times. Keeping fit and healthy is already a lifestyle for me and for my family. They may not be as active as I am for the moment because of time constraints on the part of my husband but I manage our food. I take care of the menu. I make sure they eat well, eat healthy foods.

This program of losing weight has given me the enthusiasm and the resolve to embrace healthy living as a whole. It proved to be really beneficial for me and my family. Amen. :))

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