Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stair Stepper

I recently discovered the joy of using the stair stepper equipment. I used to only look at the few people using it. I wondered then how they can stand using it. It seems really boring. Just stepping your feet on the stepper for a certain number of minutes. I thought there was not much movement. I thought this equipment are for lazy people.

I have to admit though it seems like this one is nice to use like one probably feels suspended and floating while using it. I cannot remember what made me try it though. I did try maybe a month or so ago. I keep on going down the first time I used it. I cannot control the stepper.

I managed the effort level so I can step continuously going up. I was amazed at the number of calories I burned in just 15 minutes with effort level 4. It's better than treadmill. The reading says I burned 80 kilo calories. It also registered I climbed 42 floors. Imagine that.

Stair climber is now part of my work out. I do it for 20 minutes at effort level 5 which burns approximately 115 kilo calories. It was like going up 70.6 floors for me. Wow! I just might increase my effort level in the coming days to burn more calories.

From eHow, here's a brief description of the benefits of stair climber.
The main benefit of a stair climber machine is the aerobic workout it provides. Climbing stairs is hard work and it can really burn calories and get your heart rate up. Since you are doing large leg movements it helps to tone and shape the muscles in the buttocks, thighs and calves. Since you are stepping, it also provides weight bearing exercise. Weight bearing exercise is essential in preventing and managing osteoporosis.

I just see a lot of stair stepper users lean on the rail in front but I was thinking this will have an effect on the results of the calories burned because one's weight is shifted to the hand rails. Using this equipment is quite tedious as you need to go to the up and down motion of the stepper. It's tiring and you can feel your muscles get so tensed.

The proper way as I read in a lot of stair stepper sites is to: 1) stand erect, 2) grasp the hand rails but do not lean on them, 3) start stepping and move your way up in a normal motion.

***Picture used in this post was lifted from this site, Stair Stepper.

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