Thursday, December 1, 2011

Prologue: The 28 Day Challenge

What exactly is this about?

It's my 28-Day Challenge of no rice, no sweets (cake, chocolates, for example), no chips. I will do a low-carb diet again. Why? The obvious answer is I gained a few pounds. I am now 124.4 lbs, still in my ideal weight but I am focused on maintaining 112 lbs to 115 lbs. My fat mass is 1.2% over my ideal fat mass of 27%. I am focused on going back to my 23% - 24% level. These are non-negotiable now.

Am I crazy and unrealistic that I will do this challenge on the month of December? Maybe. But portion control and balanced diet do not need to be month-specific. I CAN DO THIS. It's not like I will not eat nor will I starve myself. I never did that when I was still losing weight, how much more now that I am in maintenance mode.

And so starting tomorrow I will plan what I eat and will chronicle my progress both in my diet and in my exercises. I have been loyal to my exercises but it's the diet again that I oftentimes slip. Again, DISCIPLINE.

This is one of the major things I will focus on the last month of 2011. I CAN DO THIS. WILL POWER. DISCIPLINE. EYE ON THE GOAL. So help me, God.

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