Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Core Exercise

So how has it been, my diet and my workout. I have to admit they are not as I have planned. I go to the gym but not as often as I do since I have to attend to a lot of things at home and outside the home. Mid-December up to today, I've been to the gym thrice only. I also cannot seem to manage my food intake. I am making the merry month of December an excuse to eat. I still don't eat much rice, a few times I do, but I have to admit I eat so much sweets and carbohydrates.

Having said all these, I am still bent on achieving the elusive 112 lbs. I will never surrender, haha. All I need is DISCIPLINE which I was able to do two years ago which I intend to do again at the start of 2012. I will forgive myself this last week of December from having cakes and loads of pasta but 2012, I will be strict again with my diet.

Yesterday I was the gym and did my own core exercises. It was intense! I am actually having sore muscles today. I incorporated new core exercises which proved to be effective. I did the first exercise featured in this video. It was not easy, it took some effort but I can feel my ab muscles contract.

I can't wait to go back to my normal gym schedule which is like four to five times a week. In the mean time, let me do my best in my workouts even at home.


Fitness and Workout said...

Fitness every day and life become better.

Tummy Tuck Belt said...

Thanks for the core exercise tips. The holiday season is definitely a hard time for many to manage what they eat.

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