Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Token of Appreciation

I received a letter/notification from my gym, Fitness First, a month or so ago I think. It's actually informing its valued members such as moi that "there will be an approximate 5% annual increase in the monthly dues of those who have completed the minimum contract period."

And to cushion the impact of this increase to members, they mentioned ongoing improvement in equipment and renovations for some of the clubs. Also there is a token of appreciation presenting three choices but only one of the services can be availed.

I have been wanting to try this since I received their note but it slipped my mind and I thought the due date has passed. Lucky me, I checked the date this afternoon as I was organizing my files. The services are valid until the end of this month.

I'm torn between trying the one-time TRX (suspension) session for free or the free nutrition assessment. I am letting go of the free 30-minutes spa treatment.

I'll be honest here. Since this is free, I am not sure how the assessment will go. It may not be as thorough as I want it to be. And I really want to try the TRX. If I get to like it, I just might enroll in it.

I just might try the TRX. I can't wait to get back to the gym next week. I have been to the gym this week for 3 days only I think. Blame the weather and nature's cycle, lol.

Last time I weighed in within this week, I have retained my weight, below 120 lbs and my fat mass decreased by 1% versus a week or so ago. Can't wait to do weights this coming week.

Oh by the way, one thing Fitness First can do, at least the club where I go to most of the time is bring back the hair dryers they pulled out. There are only two left which at least 8 women share at any given time as I have observed. This is quite annoying especially in the early morning when most of us using the gym are rushing to work after our workout and after we freshen up and we need the hair dryer for obvious reasons. The 5% increase in the monthly dues can cover for the extra hair dryers. No, this is not a shallow demand. It's part of the service the gym should provide.

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