Friday, September 12, 2008

Morning Shift

My work schedule is hectic these days add to that the fact that I am still adjusting with the work load and the company's culture.  Even so, I vowed not to stall my personal endeavors.  I need a work-life balance, as I always say.  One of the things that recharge me is going to the gym.  I mulled over what is the best time to do my work out.  Is it in the evening after my work or is it in the morning before I go to work?


* I (together with husband) have to wake up really early because I prepare our breakfast and we bring our daughter to school at half past six in the morning.  Too early to go to work.  I still have ample time to kill.  The gym would do me good instead of being idle for an hour or two.
* Most of the time I feel more energetic in the morning.
* I would like to start my day all pumped up.
* There are lesser people at the gym in the morning.

Downside is sometimes I get hungry a lot when I exercise in the morning.


* Will I still have the energy to do my work out after a hectic day at work?
* Always, I want to go home after work and have dinner with my daughter, check her school work, watch television with her or just have some how-was-your-day kind of talk.
* When my friends and I decide to meet, it's always after at work, beyond five or six in the evening.  It's not often that we have a get together. I wouldn't want to miss that.

I'm thinking maybe the evening gym schedule will also help me de-stress, will help me relax and take off my mind from all the work load, release all the stress while doing my cardio and some crunches and some stretching.   But then again, I can't sacrifice my time with my dear daughter.  That will stress me more.

Hmmm, can't think of any upside for the evening schedule.  So the morning schedule is a no-brainer.  I feel so ready to start the day after every gym session.  :)

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