Friday, August 8, 2008

Of Leg Warmer and Head Band

We finally had our first day at the fitness center this morning. My husband and I enrolled in a gym a week or so ago. We just have to manage both our schedules so we can have at least the first week to go to the gym together.

My husband goes to the gym but he stopped late last year for various reasons, time being number one. He gained a considerable amount of weight for the last six months that even tying his shoelace proved to be a frustration at times. That belly is one big block. I, on the other hand, was encouraged to go the gym when I lost some weight because of my oral rehabilitation (adult braces in other words). It seems though I am gaining back those unwanted pounds for the last months.

Using the body composition analyzer, our body mass index, fat percentage, fat mass, etcetera were measured. I will not go into details but it's enough to say that we are overweight, especially yours truly. I need to burn a lot of my body fat to attain the desired weight for my age and height.

We are doing our best with our wellness program starting with the inclusion of brown rice, wheat bread, fruits, milk, more fish, oats in our meals. What we should be diligent about is our portion control. We are one in saying that we can never lose if we invest on our health and wellness properly.

The first day at the gym was fine, the trainer very helpful of course and welcomed each question I have. My husband and I were tired but enjoyed every second we spent in cardio and weights. Those were just warm-ups, an introduction in using each equipment. I like the leg curl, cardio and total abdominal work out the most. :)

One of the questions the fitness center representatives ask is what made us decide to enrol in a gym. This is really a part of our wellness program - we want to be fit and yes, vanity on the side is included. For one thing, smaller sized tops and bottoms are a lot cheaper than size 16 and up.

This motivation is good enough, what needs to be done is making this a lifestyle. The writing on the wall says it well.

I won't apologize for this but well, even if it's FloRida and T-Pain I am listening to as I post this, my last song syndrome right now is "let's get physical, physical, I want to get physical. Let me hear your body talk..." Think Olivia Newton John complete with leg warmer and head band.

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