Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thinking About Yoga

I'm home early but I have a few take home work to do, mostly project reviews. I want to get these done in an hour so I should not be lingering here in the blogosphere or in plurkdom. And I want to cook dinner. But I just have to post about my sudden interest in yoga. Maybe it's not sudden. The interest grew on me as I see it.

A good friend, Chats, is into yoga so I asked her last night where should I start. I don't want to be looking dumb contorting my body together with the experts or those who have been doing yoga for quite some time. She suggested I should join the gentle flow class. We have the same gym membership by the way. I'd like to check the schedule of the said class tomorrow.

Earlier, Yoga Jane plurked "Yoga is the great equalizer". I responded by saying I am just so intrigued as to what good effects it can do to a person. I am also wondering why is is that it's mostly women who do yoga. I only know of two men who are into yoga.

Just a few minutes ago, a close friend called inviting me to a dinner tomorrow. She seemed in a hurry and sounds like she's on the road. She said she's on her way to her yoga class. We have not been updated with each others activities lately so I was surprised to hear what's her after office agenda these days. We talked about it for a few minutes. Bottom line, its effect on her is being more patient. She can manage her temper better.

I have been reading books on getting in touch with the inner self. I am surrounded by people who take yoga not as a fad but a lifestyle. (My colleagues never miss yoga sessions.) I have a close friend who swears by its good effects on her attitude.

Synchronicity, meaningful coincidences. Maybe these are signs to go for it. My decision to try yoga is not dependent on these but they encourage me. Time for me to start reading more about it and join the class.

May the force be with me. Oooops, that's different I guess. :)

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