Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I Am Working On Now

More on protein, veggies and fruits.
I am enjoying dancing as my cardio exercise the past weeks.  I join Zumba and Body Jam.  I am loving the moves! 

I am also working on my triceps and core - my belly specifically.  I do strength training after my cardio.  

And here's one video I just discovered from the YouTube channel of Steadyhealth.  I have started giving time again on my belly exercises and will start on these tomorrow. 

This I learned/validated after all these years at the gym:
1.  Maximum duration of exercise should be one hour and a half. More than that, muscles are wasted because cortisol are produced which eat away muscles.  - Please just browse Google if you want to know more about this. :) 

2.  It's better to take a bath right after an exercise because pores are open.  Skin are thoroughly cleansed. (I read about this before I know but I still rest a while before freshening up after a workout.)

Anyway, here's the video to flatten your belly. LET'S DO THIS! 

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